How to Take Care of Silicone Dolls Without Spending a Penny

How to Take Care of Silicone Dolls Without Spending a Penny

Every buyer purchases a product with a hope that it would serve his purpose for a long period of time. But, if the product stops functioning before its expected life, is it the fault of the product? No. Don’t be surprised. To some extent, the buyer is responsible for the proper functioning of the product. Especially for tender products, like silicone sex dolls, you are highly responsible to ensure that the doll serves you for a longer period of time.

The logic behind this is very simple – if you take proper care of your doll, she will serve you for more years than its expected life.
So, here are some useful tricks that will help you take care of your doll –

a) Storing the Sex Doll

You need to understand that the dolls are very delicate, just like a real girl. So, you cannot put them anywhere you want, in any condition you like. You need to maintain some precautions. Try not to keep her in extreme temperatures, as it would be unbearable for her body. Also, do not store the doll in a filthy area, where insects or rats may destroy her body.

b) Clothes for the Sex Doll

You are free to dress up the doll in any type of dress you want. But, never try to dress her up in tight fitting clothes. These types of clothes may look pretty on the doll, but they may cause wrinkles on her body. Also, to make sure that the butts or breasts stay in shape, don’t make the doll to lie down for long.

c) Carrying and Moving the Sex Doll

Moving or carrying the doll from one place to another requires utmost precaution. Hence, all safety instructions must be read carefully. The doll must not be folded or bent in any position, while. If you want to carry it, you can use a crate for this purpose, or simply carry her in your arms.

d) After Use

This is the most important thing that you must keep in mind. All types of sex dolls, be it mini dolls, stuffed dolls or others, require proper cleaning. So, after you use the dolls, make sure you clean their orifices, butts and breasts. This will ensure that you are having a safe sex and that you are safe from any kind of disease or infection.

In simple words, to improve the life of the sex doll, you need to take care of her and please her like a real girl. This is how without spending any dollars on the doll, you can still keep her in good shape and health.
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