Applying false eyelashes to sex dolls HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


Applying false eyelashes to sex dolls

So how are false eyelashes glued? Today I'll share with you the simple method of applying false eyelashes to create a pair of eyes that will discharge for sex dolls!

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1. First prepare the tools: false eyelashes, glue, tweezers, and eyeliner.

2. Then see if the length of the false eyelashes is the right length for the eyes of the sex doll. If it is too long, you need to trim it first, you can cut it from the micro end, but pay attention to the two pieces of eyelashes to trim symmetry.

3. Before pasting, you can give the false eyelashes a massage to make it softer,so that it is easy to adjust to the right curvature for the eyes.

4. Clean up any residual glue and dust on the doll's eyes.

5. Apply the glue to the eyelashes, paying attention to the head and tail of the eye to apply more, because these two positions are the easiest to warp up.

6. Hold the eyelashes with tweezers, and after the glue has dried slightly, stick them from the middle first, then slowly adjust the end of the eye and the head of the eye.

7. After pasting the eyelashes, you can use eyeliner in to fill in the gaps.



Friendly reminder, glue to choose the formula mild special eyelash glue, this glue is easy to clean, convenient for you to replace the eyelashes at any time.Please do not use strong glue, which will damage the skin and eyelashes of sex dolls.Each of HANIDOLL's sex dolls will come with a special glue for false eyelashes,so if your sex doll's false eyelashes happen to fall off, you can follow the above method to do it yourself.


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