About us

HANIDOLL Brand Full Case Design

--Brand Introduction--

HANIDOLL is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales, focusing on developing top-rated dolls.

Our brand pays great attention to the globalization layout, and our business market all over the world, exported to more than 60 countries and grew rapidly in a short period. From product development, marketing strategy, brand strategy and other directions to show our China's brand to the sea, so that all of the worlds can know us.

Products are made of high-quality TPE raw materials, environmentally friendly, skin-friendly, and non-toxic, in line with national health and safety standards; Refuse to use the cut-off skeleton, and use gear yoga skeleton design, 360-degree simulation of the real posture; more integration of ergonomics, the product skin surface are made of frosted technology, feel smooth, giving you a realistic touch.

Adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, the brand has invested a lot of money to boldly develop new products with an eye on the future, determined to promote value enhancement with quality and provide consumers with quality products and attentive services. Continuously expanding the market, increasing awareness, and striving to be the industry benchmark.

--Brand Implication--

"hani" is the same as "honey": we use quality to create sweet companionship for consumers, and the brand is also committed to reaching an intimate relationship with each consumer.

Sexual need is an instinctive desire, HANIDOLL not only helps consumers to solve their needs with high quality but also aspires to bring solace to lonely people.

--Brand Culture--

  • Our Values

People-oriented, embrace change, efficient collaboration, passionate struggle, and create win-win situation together.

  • Brand philosophy.

HANIDOLL strives to provide our valued consumers with real, safe, high-quality dolls and better services.

  • Brand Mission.

To make people happier and enterprises more valuable.

  • Brand Vision.
To become a global first-class enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.

--Brand Story--

Our company is located in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, China, which is known as the world's "capital of erotic lingerie".

Under the influence of the environment, the founder deeply felt the booming development of the adult industry in China and the world. So he decided to devote himself to the industry and decided to take a different path and make some achievements.

HANIDOLL is always willing to break the prejudice of traditional thinking and call on the public to face the body and inner needs.

Therefore, HANIDOLL developed, not just erotic products, but the future more and more independent of their own.

--Brand Proposition--

There is no end to desire, so why not be bold and satisfy it for once.

HANIDOLLL is designed with high quality in mind and continues to innovate to provide consumers with the best dual mental and physical companionship.

The brand calls on people to be right about their sexual needs, reject sexual stigma and listen to their inner choices.HANIDOLL believes that sexual impulse is the most important basis for human action. Sexual desire is innate and permeates human life from the beginning to the end.

In this age of openness, people are no longer shy about talking about sex. Because of this, our company is committed to raising the brand to an advanced stage recognized by society and culture.

Every consumer will not look at the past, will not fear the future, will live in the present, and will value their feelings.

--Brand Features--

  • Strictly comply with regulatory requirements

From raw material procurement, production to finished product testing, HANIDOLL strictly controls the processes, the relevant quality inspection reports are all available, and strictly comply with national standards. Responsibility is the guarantee of quality, quality is the life of the brand, HANIDOLL makes customers' health more secure.

  • Aesthetic continuous optimization

HANIDOLL has a design team with international vision, is always concerned about the latest fashion trends, and has an aesthetic sense of the East and West. With the spirit of innovation, constantly launching new products. Whether it is a sexy girl or an innocent girl, HANIDOLL has all of them and is determined to meet the pursuit of the beauty of all consumers.

  • Price is popular and preferential

People choose a product, often because of trust, HANIDOLL has always been grateful to consumers, adhere to the more favorable prices and quality dolls back to customers, so that more consumers have their own "partner".

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