Product principle
  • The skeleton of the doll is physical simulated bone or filler. It is a kind of sexual health care product for adults with shape memory TPE and silicone material to imitate human skin, structure and skin touch.
Scope of use
  • Used by adults in good physical condition (The age of adult should be based on the laws of the country where the goods are currently located). Patients with latent coronary heart disease and mental disorders should be cautious.
  • One product is for one person. If it is used by several people, it may cause infection and spread of disease.
Storage environment
  • A well ventilated, dry and cool place is better. Joints need to be straightened for full body size products. Hanging and not touching the ground for better long-term preservation. Torsos or half body products need a soft blanket as a cushion.
Usage method
  • Before use, the cleanliness of the product should be checked as a whole (see cleaning and nursing methods for details).
  • In order to keep the real experience of the product when using, the vaginal interior of the product needs lubrication. So lubricants are needed (except for products with self-lubricating function) or wear condoms with enough lubrication. If no lubrication, the vaginal interior of the product is not lubricated enough, which may lead to rupture of the product and so as to cause vagina injury.
After-sales commitment
  • Because this product is a kind of special product (cannot be resold after use), please check carefully after receiving the product. Once it is used, it will not be returned. If there is quality problem, we will be responsible for maintenance services.
  • The free warranty period of this product is one year. If the product is damaged within one year, we can repair it free of charge, but the freight is borne by the customer. Once it is used, it will not be returned or exchanged regardless of any reason (the standard of whether the product is used is the integrity of the product and whether there is unidentified liquid, water stains, stains, etc. left on the product’s vagina.) Signing for receipt is deemed to have been confirmed by the signatory that the product is in good condition. If there are special reasons, please contact our customer service in time.
  • If the product cannot be repaired due to excessive use during the warranty period, our brand does not assume any responsibility. Material fracture due to improper use and normal loss are not quality issues. In addition, whether the product design plan meets the buyer's wishes is not a quality issue.
  • TPE products will have a slight smell, but no harmful gas. After being ventilated, it will fade away with time. Customers who care too much about the smell, please buy with caution. The smell problem is not a quality problem.
  • The sex doll (sound-heating model) is not a robot, it only has simple sound and heat functions and does not have other functions. Whether the sound is perfect is not a quality problem. The heating wires and heating switches are not the quality problems of the product itself. The silicone product is composed of two sets of molds combined, so even though the parting line has been processed almost perfectly, it is still faintly visible when you look closely. This is an unavoidable problem in the production process and is not a quality problem.
  • Use after washing and powdering
  • Material and function
  • Main material: TPE skin, stainless steel bone, steel liner, metal screw
  • Function: Sex dolls over 100cm in size have normal vaginal, anal, and oral sex (sex dolls with silicone heads have no oral sex function) and other functions. Please apply lubricant before using the product, and condoms are recommended.
Customized options
  • Voice customized items: There are many types of product voices (required for order notes), most of which are pressure-sensitive voices. Its sound switch is located behind the back (or head) speaker. First take out the horn and press the button. When you hear the power-on voice, obvious squeezing on the chest will be sound. If you don't squeeze, there will be no sound; the pressure-sensitive sound will change with the pressure. If the main switch is not turned off, the sex doll may make a sound by itself, so it is recommended to turn off the main switch after use.
  • Heating customized items: 100~240V AC heating wire heating. In order to prevent the malfunction of the temperature control system from causing adverse consequences, the sex doll must be supervised by an adult with normal IQ during the heating process. The heating time is about one hour (the specific time varies depending on the season and region). When heating, please lay the doll on its back. The sex doll's hands and feet need to be straight and not close to its body. If you feel that the temperature is enough, turn off the power immediately.
  • Note: Be sure to cut off the power during use! The heating process must be monitored throughout the whole process! The heating function options are different due to personal perception, and the product effect will be different. This function needs to be carefully selected. (The heating module needs to be optimized in variable batches, so product functions will vary. There are many specifications and types of power plugs, and the specifics are subject to the actual product)
Cleaning and care
  • The cleaning method for ordinary sex dolls: the bath temperature is suitable for clean water below 40 degrees Celsius. Shower gel, soap, detergent, etc. can all be used for cleaning. Use towels to absorb excess water inside and outside the doll, and then put on talcum powder to save it for next use. For stubborn stains, you can use cleansing oil or ask us for white oil to wipe.
  • Cleaning precautions: The vagina and anus can be cleaned repeatedly with the disposable cleaner we sent. It is forbidden to wash the vagina directly with a tap. There is a waterproof ball deep in the vagina, which is fixed on the screw with glue. Excessive washing may cause it to fall off. If the waterproof ball falls off accidentally, dry the vagina and reattach the waterproof ball.
  • Intelligent heating and sound-producing sex doll cleaning: Avoid the part of the sound device and the heating wire interface to prevent water from entering the circuit board when cleaning.
  • Care: Sex dolls need to be cleaned once every 10 to 20 days on average, and talcum powder needs to be applied after washing to prevent from oiling and cracking. Pressing one side for a long time can cause indentation. Place the oppressed side up and it will recover on its own after a few days.
Prohibited matters
  1. It is forbidden for the sex doll to bend its limbs, sit up and other non-directed poses for a long time. Products without standing function are forbidden to stand (that is, there are metal pivots on the soles of the feet).
  2. Prohibit the 180 degree posture of the legs.
  3. It is forbidden to lift both hands upwards; if a non-standing sex doll stands, the foot skeleton will pierce the skin and be exposed to the skin. Therefore, it should be restored to the original posture as soon as possible after use.
  4. It is forbidden to wear dark clothes, because the material is special and it is easy to be dyed. Dyeing cream can only be used for slight staining, and it is difficult to remove large areas of staining completely.
  5. It is forbidden to rinse the vagina directly with a tap; it is forbidden to clean the face on a large area. When the face is stained, use a cotton swab to apply cleansing oil and scrub slowly;
  6. It is forbidden to touch the skin with knives and other sharp objects to prevent damage;
  7. It is forbidden to burn in the fire. This material is flammable and should be kept away from fire sources;
  8. It is forbidden to directly disinfect and clean the product body with strong irritating liquids such as disinfectant and high-concentration alcohol (75° alcohol will be used to disinfect products and packaging accessories during the COVID-19 epidemic).
  9. Users who have a history of allergies to such products are prohibited from using or touching them.
  10. It is forbidden to store upright.
Repair method
  • If it splits accidentally, please clean the wound surface and dry it, then use a toothpick to moisten it with a small amount of glue. It is best to cover the wound just right. Because the glue has a slight corrosive effect on the material, too much one-time usage may cause the product to be more serious; if the product is accidentally corroded or damaged, please contact us for repair. (You can contact us for the repair instruction video before repairing)
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