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Can I sleep with a sex doll?

Many people are curious about the question, "Can I sleep with a sex doll?" First of all, the answer is yes, you can sleep with sex dolls.Sleeping with a sex doll can give you a sense of security and comfort. But we have to pay attention to different things depending on the material of the sex doll.


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1. Tpe material:

because the material is more prone to be oily, so you need to clean and powdered before bed to ensure the cleanliness of the sex doll body. In addition, it should also be noted that sex dolls are easily stained and soiled, so bedding to choose not to lose color.

2. Silicone material:

silicone sex doll material is stable, but also not easy to get dirty, move it only need to be careful and gentle, so as not to tear the sex doll to cause injury.

Don't worry, it is normal for sex dolls to have a slight deformation of their body parts and it will return to its original state within a few hours.Quickly give your sex doll dressed in sexy and charming pajamas, together with the sweet to sleep!

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