Can I take a bath with a sex doll? HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


Can I take a bath with a sex doll?

1. The bath water should not be too hot.

Bathing with sex dolls, the first thing to note that the water can not be too hot, especially tpe sex dolls are not as heat-resistant as silicone.Tpe water temperature should be kept between 30 ℃ to 33 ℃, silicone water temperature is kept at about 35 ℃.This temperature may not feel cold or hot to humans, be aware that overheated water temperature can cause sex dolls to melt and deform.



2. Do not use bath salts that are too dark in color.

Bathing with scented bath salts is very relaxing, but please do not use them when bathing with sex dolls.This will make the sex doll's skin stained with the color of the bath salts.



3. Be careful not to enter the water.

Sex dolls have a joint in the neck to remove the head. This joint into the water will cause the metal parts to rust.If it is a standing model of the doll, the soles of the feet will be embedded in the metal parts. This part of the contact with hot water may also rust, resulting in water into the body.



4. Use weak acid body wash.

Because of the material, the body of the sex doll will secrete oil,so you may want to clean the sex doll.But for the delicate skin of sex dolls, strong cleaning agents will not work.It is best to use a mild, weak acidic body wash.



5. Do not rub the sex doll skin.

When cleaning the body of the sex doll, take care not to rub hard with a towel, the skin of the sex doll is very delicate, hard friction may hurt it.After the bath with a soft towel to wipe off the water, if the water is not wiped clean, may lead to sex dolls on the body long mold.In addition, at this time, the sex doll's nails may be caught in the towel and fall off, please use your fingertips to wipe away the oil stains on the adhesive surface, and then use the adhesive to fix the nails.After drying the water thoroughly, apply talcum powder to the sex doll's body.After bathing, the skin of sex dolls is in a state of oil loss and is very susceptible to friction. Toner has the effect of inhibiting friction, so be sure to use.