Come and have your own celebrity sex doll! HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


Come and have your own celebrity sex doll!

1. Hinata sex doll

Character in the Japanese anime Naruto. She is a ninja from the hidden village of Kiba in the Land of Fire, the eldest daughter of the Hinata clan of the Kiba clan, and one of the descendants of the Otsutsuki Hashimura. The Hinata sex doll has the same appearance as the original character.Hinata has long black hair that makes her look sexy and mature. Her pure white eyes are mesmerizing and her full red lips look ready to kiss for hours. She loves to let her men explore her body, and Hinata can freeze a man with her cold, bright white pupils, and her body is a mixture of sexy curves and huge breasts.Hinata is the woman of your dreams, she can be all yours. Imagine walking into a bedroom and finding her naked and beautiful body, Hinata attracts you with her full lips and long hair. Your eyes follow her curves, her breasts beg to be played with, her nipples want your tongue on them. Suck her hard nipples into your mouth and suck on them.



2. Marie Rose sex doll

Marie Rose is an optional character in the fifth generation of the game "Dead or Alive" developed by Japanese game company KOEI TECMO GAMES. She is a cute and impressive girl in a maid's outfit. Her fighting style is the Russian military fighting style "Sistema", which has no set routine, and she is able to perform a series of dazzling attacks in a relaxed state, and counter-attacks that render her opponents powerless. With a height of 1 meter 47 and a weight of 39 kilograms, she is known as a "little devil follower". But in reality, she wants to settle down and live with you every day. Marie Rose is super cute and her blonde hair and blue eyes make her look even sexier. Don't underestimate this little girl, she can do a lot of things you can't imagine...Marie Rose's skin is more smooth than satin, the waist is so thin that a hand can be broken, breasts and buttocks are so full and fat, her legs are white and slim, long and tight, just one look has been a blessing to the eyes, if you can have her again, is simply the dream of all men.



3. Wonder Woman sex doll

Diana Prince is the United States DC Comics superhero, is the first main female superhero in the history of comics. Is the king of the gods of Olympus Zeus and Paradise Island Amazon Queen Hippolyta's illegitimate daughter, with demigod blood, is also immortal, and is only female fighting people Amazonian princess and heir to the throne, or one of the seven founders of the Justice League. Wonder Woman is the first melodramatic female superhero in the history of comics, is an important milestone in the history of American comics, but also become a representative of female superheroes. At 62.2in (158cm) tall and 68.89lbs (31.25kg), with a slim figure and tan skin, this sex doll will be the perfect sex partner for you!



4. Yor Forge sex dolls

One of the main characters in the manga "SPY×FAMILY" and its spin-offs. Yor is a tall, dark-haired beauty with dark red pupils. She has a good face and figure and is popular if she dresses up. She will wear a white headdress at work, wearing the workplace designated work clothes. When appearing as a killer, she changes into a yellow hairpiece decorated with flowers, a long black dress, a pair of black knee-high heeled boots, and a pendant near her neck. In her daily life, she dresses up as she is actually required to, and often wears a pair of earrings. Yor is a somewhat naturally nerdy woman who is easily fooled in life. She is gentle and intuitive, but occasionally a bit intimidating. However, when Yor operates as an assassin, she becomes decisive in her actions and also politely asks the assassination target if she can take the other person's life. Fortunately, here she will not take your life, because she wants to satisfy your sexual fantasies!



5. Avatar sex doll

Na'vi is the movie "Avatar" on the planet Pandora, a 3-meter-tall advanced intelligent creatures, Na'vi body blue glow with patterns, pointed ears, behind a long tail. In addition to this, their body shape, appearance are almost the same as humans. The long hair-like thing on their heads is actually their exposed nervous system, which communicates with the branches of the soul tree and the tentacles of the female demon winged beast. This is a female warrior sex doll of the Na'vi, she is narrow and elongated at the waist. The shoulders are wide, forming a V-shaped back, and she will bring you a different sexual experience.


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