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Buy sex dolls that free 3D handmade resin eyeball!


The courier arrived quickly and I opened the package and placed the doll on the bed for inspection.It was perfectly formed, but her body had a few crease marks. I learned from the manual that this is easy to fix by simply placing a hot towel over the creases.The skeleton of the HANIDOLL doll has considerable room for movement, and although I want as many poses as possible, I do not use poses that go beyond the limits of the human body in most cases in order to avoid tearing the doll's body.I didn't choose the hair implant because I wanted to buy a different wig look for it. I chose the heating function in order to figure out how it was achieved.When I tried to heat the doll, I found that it seemed to take a long time to feel the heating effect. Because the heated wire is on the skeleton, the part near the skeleton will get hot first.The doll's hands and feet are very delicate, with separate joints, can be very natural bending, the touch is very good!The doll's breasts are very soft and shake realistically. The skin is also very realistic to the touch and the professional makeup adds a lot of charm to its face.Its hips, thighs and breasts are breathtakingly beautiful and make me feel like this is a real woman. Its beauty gave me the idea to use it for photography.


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