Exciting New Products: MYDoll and Youqdoll Newly Arrived Sex Dolls Arrive at U.S. Warehouses HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


Exciting New Products: MYDoll and Youqdoll Newly Arrived Sex Dolls Arrive at U.S. Warehouses

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1. 165cm Hyperrealistic Big Breasts Lady Gentlewoman Doll

Designed in Hyperrealistic style, this Sex doll displays an amazing level of realism. She wears a white lingerie and plaid jacket with denim hot pants, showing off a stylish and sexy vibe. She has long straight brown hair and blue pupils that add to her charm. Her complexion is white and moving, perfecting the smooth skin of a real person. Her full breasts add to her appeal.

2. 170cm Big Breasts Realistic TPE & Silica Gel Sex Doll

With a height of 170cm, she shows off her tall and elegant body proportions. In the photos, she exudes charm in a sexy brown V-neck top and a gray shorts wrap skirt. She has long straight brown hair with large round earrings that emphasize her fashion sense. She has a white and sporty complexion with dark blue pupils and smiling lips adding to her charm. Her face comes with blush, showing off her delicate face and mesmerizing eyes. She wore black high heels that perfectly complimented her sexy and hot body.

3. 140cm Big Breast Realistic Sex Doll TPE Love Doll

This sex doll is a fascinating choice with the following parameters: she has large breasts, is realistically modeled and made of high-quality TPE material. She is 140 cm tall and has a small but impressive figure. She wears a set of red underwear and a thin black mesh jacket that emphasizes her seductive side. Her complexion is a warm wheat color and her dark eyes give her a mysterious look. Her ample breasts and long black hair gave her a sexy aura.
Sitting on the couch, she epitomizes the image of an attractive young lady or girl. Her charm is both sweet and seductive.

4. 135cm Big Breast Realistic Sexy Demon Costume TPE Sex Doll

This Youqdoll branded Sex doll is a striking choice featuring incredibly realistic looks and detail. She has a Big breasts bust shape, making her the perfect choice for those who prefer fuller curves. Made from high quality TPE material, she feels realistic and comfortable to the touch. Her height is 125cm, small and attractive. She is wearing an Imp Leather Sexy Hanging Neck Suit with Leather Gloves and Black Leather Thigh High Boots, showing her sexiness and personality. She has long, straight blonde hair with an imp horn hair band on her head to emphasize her unique style. Her eyes are deep and her pupils are dark in color, giving her a mysterious look.