Fascinating blonde sex dolls HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


Fascinating blonde sex dolls

1. 166CM Small Breasts Blonde Sex Doll H3540

Standing at 65.35in (166cm) and weighing 83.78lbs (38kg), Mesue is one of the most popular blonde sex dolls with small, delicate breasts and a tight vagina that won't let you down!Mesue's hands and feet overflowing with a surplus of temptation, look at the people can not move away from the eyes. She is sitting on her knees with her legs folded, only to see her white snow-like breasts and buttocks flesh and upright, the waist is thin almost can break, together with the pair of long, tight and beautiful legs, so that people can not help but look to press to the body to ravage.Mesue is a sexy woman who attracts the attention of others everywhere she goes. Such a sexy woman decided to spend the rest of her life with you after she met you. Her two delicate full breasts like water droplets tremble gently, her sweet red nipples are already slightly raised, and her smooth, snow-white soft belly is simply asking for your life...



2. 170CM Giant Breasts Hot Sex Doll H3981

Enid is 66.93in (170cm) tall and weighs 97lbs (44kg), she has big, perky breasts and long, silky legs. Imagine that.Enid's hands are gripped tightly by you, and at this moment she has given her body completely to you you, unable to move, except for her breasts that sway back and forth with the impact of her hips. Slowly, her legs involuntarily cross, lifting her plump hips higher and more thoroughly to meet your assault.You get down on one knee and, like a knight, cup a jade foot and tenderly kiss the back of Enid's foot. You look up and see the honeyed pussy between her legs seemingly squirming as more and more juices are being secreted and flowing down her legs, and you get excited and speed up your movements.



3. 158CM Huge Breasts Sexy Sex Doll Ada H3685

Ada is 62.2in (158cm) tall and weighs 70.55lbs (32kg), a very wild beauty and at a very good price.Ada works hard every day. After her shifts are over and she needs to fondle and fuck, she all but wishes she could go home and frolic naked with her man in the bedroom or wherever she decides to take her clothes off. Ada is sweating and you can hardly see the glistening sweat on her sexy body.Ada smiles at you and lets you walk up to her and take off her top. Her big plump breasts bounce freely while you nibble mischievously on her big pink nipples. You grab her thick thighs and stroke her. Your cock is harder than ever while you play with the folds of her vagina. She is so wet and ready to make love to you every night.



4. 166CM Common Chest Blonde Sex Doll H3788

Tamara is 65.35in (166cm) tall and weighs 82.89lbs (37.6kg), she is full of sunshine and energy, with soft lines and fair skin!You pull tamara on your lap, head buried in that rippling tits, sweet milk flavor, stick out your tongue and lick it, tender and slippery, nice. Unwrap the bra, the tit bunny jumped out, really fucking big two slutty tits.Lower your head to taste, you can't wait to stuff the whole tit into your mouth, smacking it hard and the other hand grabbed the other side and rubbed it, letting the tits keep changing shape in her hands, her fingers scraping the tips and feeling the nipples harden. tamara was dripping with lust, her pussy was itching and she kept twisting and rubbing her waist on the cock.tamara mannish body posture show no doubt, tight shorts outline the hip round wonderful lines. A pair of eyes like silk, seducing the heart. The place is high and upright with the breathing up and down, hooked very much, the chest full back thin lined with waist limbs thin and soft unbearable grip, beautiful face in the light haloed with a layer of aperture, let people lost in thought. Her lips are also very good-looking, beautiful lip shape, color, not on the lip gloss is also red and colorful very have a spirit child.



5.153CM Giant Breasts Sex Doll Genie H3755

josie is 60.24in (153cm) tall and weighs 74.96lbs (34kg), she has huge breasts and looks proud and beautiful, but she is very eager for a man to redeem her.Your big palms knead josie's towering breasts with abandon, and your lips and tongue kiss savagely all over her body. The friction between the two of you sets your body on fire, and you can't help but run your hands up to josie's private parts. You rubbed her bosom with both hands, your thick cock snapping like a pile driver into the depths of her pussy. The tantalizing body, the tight, slippery pussy, all of it makes you feel like you're in heaven!josie pure and seductive, white body flushed with lust pink, incomparably erotic and seductive. Two large breasts with the body swaying constantly swaying, breast wave a circle spread, nipples also gradually erect red, like two blooming in front of the chest of the rose. The white back, better waistline and upright buttocks are completely exposed to your eyes, forming a picture of living color.


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