Fixed vagina or replaceable vagina, which is better? HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


Fixed vagina or replaceable vagina, which is better?

Most customers prefer the fixed vagina because it offers the most realistic experience, but the interchangeable vagina is easier to clean.If you are focused on realism, you will want a fixed vagina, but if you want easier cleaning, you may want to consider an interchangeable vagina.

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1. Interchangeable vaginas.

Using a replaceable vagina helps with quick cleaning.After using the doll, remove the vagina for cleaning and dry it with a towel.Do not put it inside when not in use. On one hand, it may not fit and needs lubricant to fit; on the other hand, it prevents bacteria from growing due to moisture not being dried.There are pros and cons to everything. Removable vaginas are easy to clean, but the installation process may require lubricant, and the interior may not feel as realistic to the touch.



2. Fixed Vagina.

A fixed vagina, also known as a built-in vagina, is the default configuration for all dolls.Fixed vaginas are more realistic in use and appearance, but cannot be removed for cleaning in the sink.If your doll is heavy, then cleaning can become a hassle.Of course, you can also purchase a lighter doll that will be easier to clean.



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