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Frequently asked questions about the vocal function of sex dolls

1. How does the sound generation system work?

For large logarithmic sex dolls, the sound is manually controlled by a switch or button.The button is also connected to a motion sensor installed inside the sex doll, and when turned on, the touching sex doll will emit a moaning sound.In addition, some artificial intelligence technology sex dolls can also talk and interact with their owners like real people.So the voice system are using rechargeable batteries.



2. What are the components of the vocal system?

The sound generation system in the sex doll is not complicated, only a few components.It includes switches, motion sensors, speakers, and charging ports.



3. Where are the speakers?

To make it as realistic as possible, some brands place the speaker on the head of the sex doll, which ensures that the sound comes out of the mouth like a real person.Also, there are some brands that mount the speaker on the back of the sex doll, near the neck.



4. Can I upload custom audio?

Unfortunately, it is usually not possible to upload custom audio, but it comes pre-installed in different languages, the common ones being English, French and Chinese.



5. How loud is the sound? Can I adjust the volume?

If you live in a house with thin walls, other people may hear your sex dolls.And adjustable volume is still an unavailable feature right now.



6. How to charge the vocal system?

Charging is similar to charging a cell phone by plugging the power cord into an electrical outlet and plugging the other end into a port on the sex doll.For most sex dolls, the charging port is located on the head.



7. How to maintain the doll with sound system?

Due to the design to the speaker and battery, usually should avoid water and fire.The charging port must be sealed tightly when bathing, so that the doll remains in an upright position to avoid water flowing to the head.In addition to water, you also need to avoid squeezing, knocking or putting noon on the head of the sex doll, which can also damage the sound-emitting system.