How are sex dolls made? HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


How are sex dolls made?

The body of the doll.

  • Selecting a suitable mold to match the desired size of the doll.

  • Placing the metal skeleton in the mold.

  • Dyeing the tpe or silicone to the desired skin color and pouring it into the mold.

  • Carefully removing the mold after it has set.

  • Trimming the doll by hand, smoothing and perfecting the seams.

  • Adding vaginal inserts, anal inserts and labia.

  • Suspending the doll so that she does not wrinkle.

  • Spraying the desired color with a spray gun.

  • Adding pubic hair, body hair.

  • Drying and powdering the doll's entire body to protect the skin.

  • Adding nails.



Doll's head.

  • Each beautiful doll has its own mold to ensure that the features are perfect.

  • Dyeing the tpe or silicone to match the body and pouring it into the mold.

  • Curing the material by cooling or heating.

  • Carefully removing the molds.

  • Then send the doll's head to trim the seams, cut out the eye holes, place the eyelids, cut out the nostrils and mouth, and trim the ears.

  • Adding the eyeballs, eyelashes, and eyebrows.

  • Makeup for the doll.


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