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How long can sex dolls be used?

So many people want to know how long sex dolls can be kept, how to extend the service life and other issues.Although there is no specific length of life, but the sex doll cleaning and storage, etc. have a direct impact on its life.

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1. Frequency of use

If a sex doll is used for a long time, its various parts may wear out quickly. Coupled with the fact that some sex dolls are not made of quality materials, some of its parts may fall off.



2. Production materials

If the materials used for sex dolls are of low quality, they will wear out faster. In addition, the formula of the raw materials used to make sex dolls can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, thus affecting the service life of the sex dolls. Although silicone and tpe are more expensive, they are more durable, so it is best to choose these two materials when selecting sex dolls.



3. Cleaning frequency

Sex dolls need to be cleaned regularly, not clean easy to produce bacteria, and unsafe to use. So for the safety of yourself and sex dolls, please clean sex dolls regularly.



4. Storage method

The storage method of the sex doll also has a great impact on its service life.Keeping a pose for a long time, indentations will appear on the body of the sex doll, which can easily lead to tears. So please pay attention to the way sex dolls are stored, remember to sex dolls diligently change the posture.