How much does a sex doll weigh? HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


How much does a sex doll weigh?

1. Lightweight : 5-15 kg

Lightweight dolls are popular and easy to carry. But the one bad thing is that their lightweight design diminishes its look and feel to the touch.Simply put, these sex dolls lack realistic design and, because of their small size, do not give the feeling of a real woman.

2. Medium weight class : 15-25 kg

Dolls in this weight class look and feel more realistic, and can also be customized and dressed up to bring a better sense of use.However, due to their weight and size, storage and carrying becomes difficult.

3.Heavyweight : 30kg and above

For those seeking a more realistic doll, these dolls are perfect for you. They are carefully designed and crafted from their makeup to their lower body, and their height makes for a great level of realism.Due to their weight and size, it is important to have an adequate storage space ready to store them.


This is an introduction to the weight of dolls, which will hopefully help you make a better decision on how to choose a doll.

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