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How to avoid sex doll staining?

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Because the sex doll will be oil, grease will dissolve the dye of the clothes, resulting in dye penetration into the skin of the doll, thus causing staining. The severity of the staining is generally related to the shade of the color of the clothes, the degree of color loss and the time of contact. The older the clothes, the more washing, the less likely to lose color, thus less likely to cause sex dolls staining. Similarly, light-colored clothes and expensive clothes are not easy to lose color, so it is not easy to stain.

Because the length of contact between the sex doll and the clothes is directly proportional to the severity of the staining, we recommend that you promptly remove clothes that are at risk of staining and do not leave the doll in the clothes for long periods of time. Of course, the amount of pressure between the sex doll and the clothes in contact is also related to the severity of staining.

Hanidoll recommends that you try to give sex dolls to wear old clothes, or buy relatively expensive, good quality clothes. If conditions do not allow, then you can first wash the clothes for more than five times until the color of the water in the wash is clear before you can put the clothes on the doll. You can also put on a flesh-colored tight bottoming clothes for the doll, and then put on the clothes you want to give her to wear.

If you usually like to sleep with your sex doll, then you also have to watch out for staining of the bedding! In addition to this, please also give more sex dolls with talcum powder, so that the doll's skin can be kept dry and less prone to oil, which can also reduce the possibility of staining.



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