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How to deal with sex doll staining?

Sex dolls stained how to remove and deal with this problem is actually very difficult to do, sex dolls are extremely strong adsorption, once the stain is difficult to deal with.The staining problem can be dealt with first as follows:

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Method 1:

first immediately take a shower, wash well with body wash, then dry or wipe dry, and then hit the talcum powder. Repeat once in three days, it will slowly become lighter.

Method 2: 

Prepare a clean white towel and a bottle of alcohol. Wet the towel with alcohol, wrap the towel tightly around the stained silicone skin area, fix the towel, and wait for some time (time depends on the severity of the staining), the color will be gradually precipitated with the evaporation of alcohol.

While using the above methods, diligently wiping the stained part with talcum powder can accelerate the speed of recovery.If the stain cannot be removed by the above methods, it can also be treated as follows.3% hydrogen peroxide diluted with water at a ratio of about 1:5, then add a few drops of ammonia or soda ash aqueous solution and lightly brush the stained area with a soft hair brush dipped in the solution.To further improve the bleaching effect, the solution can be properly warmed up and oxidative bleaching can be used to remove the color from the leather surface.

The above methods, if used properly, can remove the stain.After the color is removed, choose clothes for the sex doll as light as possible, light-colored clothes should also pass through the water before the doll can wear, it is not recommended to wear dark-colored clothes, because there will be staining problems.

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