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How to deal with unwanted sex dolls

Reasons for handling sex dolls

① Family members object

When your partner or parent finds out you own a porn doll,they may get angry or uncomfortable. Eventually, in order to make them happy, you need to find a way to get rid of the sex doll.

No longer need it

The reason you buy sex dolls may be to fill the empty single life and satisfy your sexual needs.But when you fall in love and decide to settle down with your partner, you may not need the doll anymore.

③ Have a new sex doll

When you buy a more sexy and beautiful sex doll, you will lose interest in the previous dolls.Although tpe and silicone materials are very durable, but years of use will often make them irreparable wear and tear, aging,stainless steel skeleton will also be deformed, very affect the feeling of use.

Things to consider before handling sex dolls

① Protect identity and privacy

I believe that most people do not want others to know, their own secrets with sex dolls.Therefore, please handle your dolls without revealing your personal information.Be sure to pay attention to whether the box or packaging you use has your personal information on it.

② Do not scare others

If not handled properly,realistic sex dolls may scare passersby and even provoke the police.

③ Pay attention to safety

Never burn your own physical doll at home,because it will produce smoke harmful to humans!

Handling of dolls

① Second hand sale

There is a large market for used sex dolls, and if your doll is still intact, you may want to consider selling it second hand.We recommend that before a doll is sold, it is thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry.This will ensure that the next user will not contract germs.

② Throw in the trash

Use tools to sex dolls "dismembered" into small pieces, and then into an opaque bag,in 2-3 bags into the trash. Because it has become a fist-sized block, no one can see what it is.As for the built-in metal skeleton can be broken with force.

③ Recycle

The best way to fully recycle a doll is to sell it to the manufacturer.They clean the recycled dolls,melt them down, and finally reshape them into new sex dolls for sale for others to use.


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