How to dress your doll? HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


How to dress your doll?

1. Change its hair.

You might consider getting your doll a few different wigs, it'll make her look so different!You can choose the color of the hair, you can choose blonde, red hair, black hair and so on, buy a few more colors, can give you a different feeling.Different hairstyles will also give your doll a new look,, you can give him a ponytail, braids, you can also just buy curly hair, short hair and other wig styles.



2. Change its eyes.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and among our five senses, the eyes have too much influence on appearance. Although the looks of a sex doll cannot be changed, you can change the color of its pupils.HANIDOLLL provides dazzling eye customization, we can make your beloved dolls according to your requirements, the soulful and divine eyes.



3. Wearing jewelry.

You can wear some jewelry to complement the doll's charming appearance and make it shine more charming.Wear a bracelet to make your wrist pretty and sexy, a necklace to add charm to your neck...You do not need to buy the doll more expensive luxury jewelry, she will be just as grateful, do not forget to remove the decoration after use.



4. Wear sexy costumes.

Dress her up according to sexy costume ideas and she'll tempt you to drool!It's not hard to buy clothes for a sex doll, most dolls wear size S women's clothes, so make sure you don't buy clothes that are too big.If you like schoolgirls in uniform, you can give her a student dress with knee high socks; if you like sexy girls, you can give her a tight, skinny dress with high heels...Please pay attention to these clothes and accessories to avoid staining and tarnishing of the doll.



5. The importance of dressing up a doll.

A sex doll cannot express itself through voice and behavior, but we can dress it up to give it personality. For some lonely people, a sex doll is not just a sex toy, but a reliable friend.


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