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How to selective doll torso

For example, some people are particularly obsessed with legs or big butts, so sex dolls amplify these features and make the appropriate dolls specifically for people with these kinds of preferences.

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Compared to full sex dolls, torso dolls have advantages in storage, price and weight. The torso takes up less storage space, weighs much less than a full sex doll, and you can enjoy sex just as much.



If you lack storage space or are on a budget, but crave sex, our half torso dolls are a better choice.Advantages include easy storage, good value for money, soft material, easy to clean, lighter weight...



You can use the torso sex doll for normal/oral sex , and it achieves the same realistic feeling during use.But the disadvantage is that it is not a complete body after all, so it is not realistic enough.


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