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Pain during sex with sex dolls?

1. Insufficient lubrication

One of the most important factors for an enjoyable sex life is lubrication, which reduces friction and allows for easy thrusting of the male genitalia.Unlike a real woman, a sex doll's vagina does not naturally produce lubricating fluid. With this in mind, intercourse with a sex doll also requires lubrication.If a male feels pain during sex with a sex doll, he should try increasing the amount of lubricant.The choice of lubricant is also important; silicone-based lubricants are not recommended in most cases because they can damage sex dolls.



2.  Improper cleaning of sex dolls

In addition to being self-lubricating, a real vagina can clean itself regularly with the help of beneficial bacteria through secretions.Artifacts like sex dolls do not have this property.Uncleaned dolls retain viruses, bacteria, dust, etc., which can cause irritation or trigger infections that can lead to pain.



3. Allergy

Some studies have shown that some people are allergic to rubber and latex, materials commonly used in sex toys, such as sex toys.Men should also be aware of dolls that contain phthalates or plasticizers, chemicals used to soften hard plastics and make them more durable and flexible.If sex dolls contain these materials, people who are allergic to these things will naturally feel pain.



4. Sexually transmitted diseases

Pain can be caused by an infection from a previous sexual partner when a man has sex with a sex doll.In addition to that,it can also be an infection from the person they share the sex toy with.


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