People who buy miniature sex dolls aren't necessarily pedophiles. HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


People who buy miniature sex dolls aren't necessarily pedophiles.

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First of all, the compact size of miniaturized sex dolls is a major reason for their popularity. Due to their smaller size, these dolls are relatively more affordable, making them affordable to more consumers. In addition, the small size also means that they are easier to store, whether in a hidden corner of your home or to take with you when traveling.

It is true that most dolls that look like small children may have been designed to emphasize some adult-oriented features, such as large butts and double-D breasts. Such designs clearly do not correspond to the physical characteristics of real children. The purpose of such designs is not to cater to children or to mislead the public, but to satisfy the aesthetic and sexual preferences of a particular group of consumers.

People who buy mini sex dolls are not necessarily pedophiles. Many people choose mini sex dolls because they are cheap and easy to store and clean, as many older people are physically unable to support them. They buy the dolls above 100cm sex dolls. It is a clear choice due to the large height dolls, they can weigh up to 60 kilograms and as an adult male might find it difficult to move it.

Large sex dolls tend to be more expensive to manufacture, largely due to their complex production process, high quality materials and elaborate designs. These factors result in a relatively high selling price, and for many consumers, purchasing a large sex doll is a significant expense. The emergence of mini sex dolls has opened up possibilities for consumers who want to own sex dolls but are on a limited budget. By reducing the size of the dolls, manufacturers are able to reduce costs while maintaining quality, making them more affordable for more consumers.