Possible accidents during the transportation of sex dolls. HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


Possible accidents during the transportation of sex dolls.

1. Breast bursting

Air transportation can easily cause the doll's breasts to burst.Usually the doll's breasts are filled with super soft tpe, the chest still has excess air.After entering high altitude, the outside world kia become low, the pressure on the doll's chest increases, resulting in jelly breasts are prone to bursting.



2. Skin breakage

Some guests receive the doll and find that the box has been deformed or even damaged.This is because the dolls have to pass through many hands in the process of unloading, loading and shipping during the transportation. The whole process, the box will become more and more fragile, especially when encountering rude couriers.The breakage of the box may lead to damage to the skin of the doll, so it is important to protect the box, the protection measures in place can reduce the chances of injury to the doll.



3. The body is damp and moldy

Bad weather, the box in the transport process will inevitably be wet, or the storage area is more humid, indirectly leading to box moisture.This leads to dampness and mold in the body of the doll, etc.



4. Finger piercing out

Tpe doll is made of very soft material, occasionally the finger wire will pierce the skin.Especially when the tip of the finger wire is not processed into a rounded, more likely to happen finger puncture out of the case.



5. Nails fall off

Nails are not sticky enough, easy to fall off. This is not a big problem, use glue to glue back can.



5. The doll is missing

This situation is generally rare, once it occurs, please contact the merchant and the shipping company in a timely manner.


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