Reasons why men prefer sex dolls to real women. HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


Reasons why men prefer sex dolls to real women.

1. Spend less later

In modern society, spending money on your spouse is a very common thing. In some cases, such as separation or when the two have children, men are required by law to pay alimony for them.If you don't want to spend money and pay alimony for your spouse, then sex dolls are a good option. Compared to paying alimony, sex dolls are definitely more affordable than you can afford. Sex dolls are extremely low maintenance, you just need to clean them regularly and store them properly.



2. Semen is not stolen

You can't rule out the possibility that someone with bad intentions will steal a man's sperm and use it to impregnate himself. This is where sex dolls come in handy. Sex dolls do not get pregnant, much less steal your semen. When you have sex with a sex doll, you just need to clean up with water immediately.



3. No Sexually Transmitted Infections

The use of condoms can largely prevent the infection of sexually transmitted diseases, but this does not mean that it is 100% isolated. Sex dolls are not at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases because each sex doll is a virgin and has not been used. Once you purchase a sex doll, you are her only partner, so you don't have to worry about the doll transmitting diseases to you.



4. Will not be betrayed

Nowadays, betrayal happens from time to time, whether it is mental or physical cheating, and this betrayal often causes people great pain. Compared to humans, sex dolls are definitely the most loyal partners, they belong to you completely and will never betray cheating.



5. No arguments

Studies show that most arguments between partners are because men spend more time on games or friends. But sex dolls will never argue with you, sex dolls will only support you silently.



All in all, there are many benefits to having a sex doll, which is why men prefer them.


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