Safety tips for avoiding damaging dolls HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


Safety tips for avoiding damaging dolls

 Today, we will share some TIPS that will take you through some minefields of damaging your dolls.

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1. Using a wheelchair to move the doll

A sex doll is not a lightweight item, and if you move it with your hands, it may result in your arm injury.Therefore, it is safer for both you and the doll to have your doll move in a wheelchair, or other facility with wheels.Although you can't completely avoid the possibility of an accident, you can reduce the odds a bit.



2. Let the doll lie with its back down

When a doll lies face down, the pressure and weight of its entire body is transferred to its chest, knees and face.Unlike humans, sex dolls don't have the muscles and tissues to protect them, and placing a doll face down will only end up hurting it.So don't let it lie face down when you store it!



3. Avoid strange poses

Sex dolls are delicate, and any exaggerated poses can damage their body structure.Simply put, try not to let your doll do difficult movements; the body of a sex doll cannot withstand extreme stress.Change your doll's pose regularly to keep it relaxed, which will prevent the doll from getting hurt.



4. Open the package carefully

It is extremely easy to have an accident when opening the box, because the owner of the doll is in a very excited state. Please control your mood and meet your doll with a calm mind.Use the tool to open the package gently, it is recommended to keep the box, which can be used as storage space for the doll.