Sex Doll Care Guide

1. Clean sex dolls

Our suggestion is to clean the doll after each use. In addition to this, the doll should be cleaned every 10-20 days regardless of use.Keeping it clean can effectively extend the life of the doll.

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Cleaning the body of the sex doll

Just after using the sex doll, first wipe off excess lubrication and body fluids with a soft towel, remove the wig and wash it separately.It is recommended to use a soft sponge and antibacterial soap, gently wash the sex doll note that the water temperature should not be too hot, warm water is sufficient.Prevent water or moisture from entering the neck and head when bathing, which may cause the neck screw to rust.Lather the soap and apply it to the doll's entire body. Stick your fingers into all the channels with gentle movements to avoid excessive pulling of the skin leading to damage.

Cleaning the face of the sex doll

Remove the head and take off the wig.Prepare warm antibacterial soapy water, dip a sponge into it and gently wipe the doll's face.Because the makeup on the doll's face is semi-permanent, it may come off and fade. To make the doll's makeup last longer, avoid excessive cleaning and rubbing.It is recommended to avoid the eyes when cleaning the face, and you can remove the eyes before cleaning.Finally, gently wipe it with a soft, dry towel or let it dry naturally, then reinstall the head back onto the body.

Cleaning the vagina, anus and mouth

The vagina, anus and mouth of the sex doll should be cleaned after each use to avoid bacterial growth.You can use our complimentary washer for repeated cleaning. It is forbidden to use the faucet to rinse directly to the vagina.There is a waterproof bag deep in the vagina, it is fixed on the screw with glue, excessive rinsing may cause it to fall off. If it comes off accidentally, just blow dry the vagina and re-glue it.

  • Make sex dolls dry

    After the sex doll is washed, it is important to dry the skin. This is because when it is in a wet condition, the skin tears easily.Use a clean soft cloth to gently pat dry the moisture on the skin, and then let it air dry itself. Do not use hard sponges, brushes, etc. to clean it, it will cause damage to the doll.After drying, apply talcum powder to the sex doll's body, which will protect the skin and prevent damage caused by friction.

2. Sex doll wig care

The wig does not accumulate too much grease, but it still generates some dust, so it needs to be cleaned regularly.​

① prepare a basin of warm water, the depth should be enough to submerge the wig, take care not to use hot water.
② pour a little shampoo in the water
③ the wig gently submerged in water, submerged for a few minutes
④ the wig out of the water, rinse the wig with clean water
⑤ gently squeeze the wig to remove excess water
⑥ Wrap the wig with a towel and let it dry
⑦ gently comb the wig, the wig hanging in a dry and cool place

3.​ Sex Doll Skin Care

When you find that the doll's skin is not smooth, please apply talcum powder to its whole body, which can prevent the doll's skin from being torn.Please make sure that the clothes worn on the doll is not lose color, you can wash the clothes more times beforehand, because dark, poor quality clothes can easily stain the color on the doll's waist.If unfortunately stained, you can try to rub the stain with a sex doll-specific stain remover or olive oil.Do not keep the doll's arms and legs, raised and open for long periods of time; prolonged pressure may cause the doll's underarms and groin area to split. Therefore, when you are not using it, please place the doll's arms on the sides of the body and legs closed.It is important to note that the doll is soft and if it is kept in a sitting position or lying flat for a long time, its base parts will flatten and wrinkle. If you can not change the pose for the doll, it is recommended to hang the doll, you can avoid indentations and creases.Do not expose the sex doll to sunlight exposure to prevent accelerated doll aging.

4. Sex doll bone care

The metal skeleton and joints installed in the body of the sex doll, allowing you to move its limbs flexibly.Prohibit the doll to pose beyond the limits of the human body, no standing function of the doll is prohibited to stand, it will make the skeleton of the feet poke through the skin, exposed.