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Sex Doll Makeup Removal Guide

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Before changing the makeup, we should first remove the doll's previous makeup, so how should we remove the makeup to not hurt the sex doll's face? Please read on.

Step 1: Hold the head of the sex doll in place

Except for sex dolls whose heads cannot be removed, all other sex dolls need to have their heads removed first for better makeup removal. It is better if there is a head holder for the doll, so that the subsequent better operation.



Step 2: Remove the wig and eyes

If it's a wig, just take it off, if it's a hair transplant, tie the hair in place. The eyeballs of sex dolls are usually hemispherical, so they are relatively easy to remove. Simply pull down gently on the lower eyelid of the sex doll and remove the eyeball.



Step 3: Use a gentle makeup remover

Moisten a cotton pad with makeup remover and apply it to the spot you want to remove for a few seconds, then gently wipe it off. Replace the cotton pad with a new one in time when it gets dirty and repeat the above steps until it is removed.



Step 4: Clean the face of the sex doll

Wet a soft towel with warm water, gently wipe the face of the sex doll, and then wipe the residual moisture with a dry soft towel.



Step 5: Apply talcum powder

After the face of the sex doll is completely dry, apply talcum powder evenly so that it can absorb residual moisture and help keep it dry and less oily.


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