Sex doll of dressing precautions HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


Sex doll of dressing precautions

Because adult dolls are made of silicone or tpe material, in order to keep the doll's body soft, the factory needs to mix the material with auxiliary materials such as silicone oil during the production process. This also leads to the doll's oil problem, so not what clothes can be worn.

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1. Before dressing, please apply a layer of talcum powder on the surface of the doll's body,which can also reduce the stickiness of the doll's body, making it easier to dress.

2. Please do not wear brightly colored clothes, because the reason for the doll oil, once dyed color is not easy to remove, so it is best to wear light-colored clothes.

3. It is not recommended to buy too tight-fitting clothes. Too tight clothes are not easy to wear, but also because of excessive wrapping and squeezing, to the doll's skin surface dish caused by dents.

4. Please do not wear clothes with sharp decorations, such as brooches, rivets, chains, etc., there is a risk of scratching sex dolls.