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Sex doll standing function

What is the standing function?

With standing dolls, they usually have three screws on the bottom of the feet to achieve better balance without support.When the doll stands, the weight is applied and transferred through the bolts, not the "soft flesh" on the bottom of the doll's feet, which can reduce the damage to the feet.These bolts can be removed at any time after installation and reinserted when standing is required, and the height can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the bolts.



What is the difference between standing feet and normal feet?

In order to improve the balance of the doll and enable it to stand on its own, the standing foot has been redesigned and the sole of the foot has been reinforced.While the normal foot is flexible, the standing foot can only bend downward 90 degrees to 150 degrees and cannot move upward or left or right.



Advantages of standing function.

1, Can make love standing up
2, It is more convenient to wear clothes
3, Easy to clean
4, shooting can be posed in multiple positions
5, can be stored upright

Disadvantages of the standing function.

1, Not flexible
2, not aesthetically pleasing enough, the bolts are exposed and visible.In short, sex dolls need some kind of support to distribute the weight, you can also use special fixtures or brackets.


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