Sex Dolls Pop Science

1. Sex dolls features.

Nowadays, sex dolls have very high simulation skin, its material is non-toxic and tasteless, has high durability, and feels almost the same as human being.The joints of the sex dolls are made of polymer synthetic resin material, plus the internal alloy bracket, you can change a variety of sex positions you want to meet all your needs.The current sex dolls have a heating function that can be heated to a temperature similar to the real person's body temperature of 37 degrees Celsius, making it closer to the feeling of a real person.

2. Sex dolls use precautions

Sex dolls are very delicate and soft skin, so do not let it close to the source of fire, touching sharp objects, so as not to scratch and affect the beauty.Sex dolls do not contact with easily dyed items to avoid staining the doll's skin.Sex dolls in changing positions, try not to exceed the bending limit of the human body, and don't be too rough, can not force too hard, so as not to strain the skin of the sex dolls.When moving the sex doll, do not pull its limbs or head, should hold the torso of the sex doll to move.Sex dolls have some oil on the surface of the skin, which is normal, you can give the doll the whole body to play talcum powder to prevent oil cracking.Sex dolls with heating function should not touch the water when cleaning to avoid circuit failure.Sex dolls can somehow reduce the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, but if more than one person using the same sex doll as likely to infectious diseases, so sex dolls can only be used exclusively by themselves, and after use to clean up in time, pay attention to hygiene.

3. Types of sex dolls.

Now the appearance of sex dolls are becoming more and more realistic and beautiful and seductive, and the details are getting better and better, not only the face of an angel, the devil's body, and all over the body emitting seductive atmosphere ...In general, the type of doll is divided into: sexy girls, innocent girls, cute loli, etc..

4. The use of sex dolls.

Sex dolls use method is roughly divided into the following three steps are: before use, when using, after use.Before the use of sex dolls, should be clean sex dolls.When using the sex doll, in order to keep the sex doll intimate parts have enough lubrication, must use lubricant.If you do not use lubricant, sex dolls are not lubricated enough inside, which may cause the intimate parts of the sex dolls to break after use.It is okay to wear a condom with enough lubrication.After using the sex doll, you need to clean the doll's intimate parts inside and clean the whole body of the sex doll.After the sex dolls are disinfected, use warm water to clean them again, and then towel to dry the sex dolls inside and on the surface, or natural drying, the whole body is powdered and saved for the next use.

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