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Sex dolls unboxing guide

1. Careful handling of packages

A life-size doll, with all the packaging, can weigh up to 100 kg.If you are not physically strong enough, or live in an apartment without an elevator, we suggest you ask the courier for help.Do not force yourself to carry it to prevent harm to yourself and the doll.


2. Find a spacious room 

A well-cleaned room in advance is important. Because you need plenty of space to unbox and assemble the sex dolls.You can think of the doll's first arrival as your first date.



3. Pick the right tool 

Choose a suitable tool for opening the package, such as scissors. Then carefully cut the package along the edges to avoid piercing and cutting the doll's body.



4. Wash your hands before touching the sex doll 

Do not neglect this step. The sex doll's skin is smooth and sensitive, and your hands are too dirty may cause the sex doll's skin to stain, which will greatly affect the aesthetics and sense of use.

5. Take out the head of the sex doll

After opening the box, the first thing you will see is the wrapped sex doll's head. Carefully remove the head from the package and place it on a clean sheet.It is recommended to save the package of the head for subsequent use.


6. Take out the body of the sex doll 

This is the most interesting part of the unboxing process, you can see the sex doll's naked body.But you need to stay calm and move the sex doll's body carefully to prevent overexcitement and excessive force to tear the doll causing injury.

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