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Sex dolls vs. inflatable dolls

Inflatable dolls, as the name implies is an inflatable rubber product, to be filled with tools after the gas to look like a human, otherwise it is just a flat balloon.And sex dolls are used tpe and silicone materials, the cost is more expensive, the basic handmade, the process is more complex and takes longer.

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  Price Weight Details
Inflatable Doll The use of materials is basically plastic, simple workmanship, can be mass-processed production, the cost is low, the price is cheap, basically a few hundred dollars. As the whole is formed by inflatable expansion, so the weight is generally about 2kg, easy to carry and easy to use. Inflatable doll
Details are relatively rough, plastic taste is heavy, hard and not realistic texture.
Physical Doll Use of materials Materials for tpe or silicone materials, built-in metal skeleton, most of the handmade, carved, complex process, time-consuming and costly, selling for thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands. The whole body consists of tpe / silicone and metal skeleton, 150cm height above the basic weight is more than 30KG, the weight is relatively lighter than the real person. Mostly handmade, realistic detail texture, generally carved by the teacher, hair is mostly hand implanted, eyes, joints, skin texture and other high degree of simulation.


PS: Many businesses steal the physical doll picture publicity, the actual sale of inflatable dolls, resulting in many buyers are deceived, as long as you shine a light on the eyes, from the price of the doll, weight, details to distinguish between good, choose a guaranteed channel to buy will not be deceived.


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