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Take good-looking photos with sex dolls

1. Determine the theme

Start by defining the theme you want to express, you can start with a simple story. After determining the theme, you need to determine the right place to shoot, you can shoot indoors or go outdoors.



2. Sufficient light

It is difficult to take good photos in dim light, so it is best to shoot in a well-lit place. In addition, you can also use fill-in lights, reflectors and other props.



3. Pay attention to composition and angle

The picture should highlight the theme of sex dolls, the picture is simple, you can try a variety of shooting angles. If it is still not clear, you can refer to the composition and angle of other photos.



4. Shooting to be stable

If it is handheld shooting, hands will inevitably shake, so that the photo is blurred. This time you can use the tripod to fix the shooting equipment.



5. Pose sex dolls

Sex doll pose is very important, you can according to the idea of sex dolls to pose a variety of positions. However, it should be noted that some of the movements beyond the limits of the human body may lead to sex doll damage, so please pose within the range of activities.