The advantages and disadvantages of sex dolls of various heights HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


The advantages and disadvantages of sex dolls of various heights

① 65cm-100cm.

Because it is small and light, very easy to carry, so this size of miniature sex doll is very popular.It uses less material and has a shorter production cycle.The faces of such sex dolls are very cute, they have round faces and big eyes.The size is small, but still can have realistic large breasts.

Advantages: small size, easy to store; light weight, easy to carry; cheap.

Disadvantages: due to the small head circumference, it is difficult to buy a wig; sex in many positions can not meet.



② 100cm-130cm.

Sex dolls of this height will look a little more realistic.Appearance is not only innocent and cute child type, but also mature adult female type.

Advantages: the face than 65cm-100cm sex dolls more sophisticated and realistic.

Disadvantages: the type of clothes you can buy is more limited.



③ 132cm-148cm.

This height of sex dolls have a variety of female figures, facial design is also more realistic than the last two stages.

Advantages: realistic appearance, it is difficult to distinguish at first glance is a person or sex doll; can try a variety of styles of clothing.

Disadvantages: heavy weight, can not be carried around; sex takes time to change positions.



④ 150cm-160cm.

This height sex doll is the second most popular type because it is very realistic in height, weight and appearance.

Advantages: can complete the real sex position; so real that it is difficult to distinguish.

Disadvantages: as heavy as a real person, not easy to carry; large size, not suitable for storage.



⑤160cm - 170cm. 

Sex dolls of this height, almost every one of them has the most perfect body and the most realistic face, are model-level beauties and the best models for shooting.They are also surprisingly heavy and expensive, not too friendly for newcomers.

Advantages: Great for photo shoots; most realistic.

Disadvantages: too heavy, difficult to clean after sex; harder to store without inter-foot.



In short, like humans, each sex doll has its own advantages and disadvantages, so please choose the most suitable sex doll according to your needs and budget.