The best sex dolls to accompany you on Halloween! HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


The best sex dolls to accompany you on Halloween!

In fact, the night before Halloween is the most lively moment of Halloween, five hundred years BC, the Celtic people will be positioned on October 31, the New Year, this day for them signifies the brightest harvest season of the year, but also will lead to darkness and cold, when people believe that the transition to the night before the New Year, the boundary between life and death will become blurred, so on this day to extinguish the fire, candlelight, that the spirits of the dead will not find the living, while they dress up as demons and monsters, the spirits will be scared away, which is also the origin of many people dressed up for Halloween.Ps: the picture of the clothing props are not included in the package, but we will give away a random style of sexy lingerie.

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1. 158cm Large breasts Big Tits Sex Doll H3229

This sex doll is 62.2in (158cm) tall and weighs 72.75lbs (33kg), so if you want a sense of contrast between angels and demons, then you won't want to miss them.Eva and Celine are a pair of twin elf sisters with very different personalities. Sister Eva is pure and good angel, sister Celine is evil and cunning demon. Excitingly, they both can't help falling in love with you, a human man, what a sweet burden! Which one do you prefer, the pure Eva or the evil Celine? Or the both?Eva and Celine have strong bodies and flexible metal skeletons that can easily match your pose. Eva's crystalline flesh emits a holy glow, seemingly untouchable, but actually hot inside, luring you to strip her naked. They are already ready to offer you everything!



2. 159CM Huge Breasts Nine-tailed Demon Fox Silicone Sex Doll H3556

Ahri is 62.6in (159cm) tall and weighs 66.14lbs (30kg), she is a very sexy fox demon and you can invite her to your private Halloween party.Ahri is a sexy nine-tailed demon fox, she has a silky and soft as a boneless small body, a pair of high breasts almost to hold open clothes pressure pop out. A pair of white slender delicate legs, clean and white back, emitting an enchanting hooked breath, look at your body more and more hot, it's time to do the business....Ahri's pretty face is full of maturity and charm, and her body is perfectly hot with her clothes, and her above-the-knee skirt reveals a pair of long, white legs, Ahri's glistening eyes, her luscious red lips, and her rising and falling breasts quickly ignite the fire of desire in your body. Enjoy pampering her!



3. 168CM Common Chest Anime Sex Doll H3897

Hinata is 66.14in (168cm) tall and weighs 90.39lbs (41kg), so if you're an anime lover, she's perfect to spend Halloween with you.Hinata is the authentic heir to the secret arts of the Hyuga clan, kind, gentle, strong, soft on the outside and strong on the inside. She has extremely pure white eyes and is known as the "Princess of the White Eyes" by the deceased souls of the Shekin and Otsutsuki clans. Hinata is the woman of your dreams, she can be all yours. Imagine walking into a bedroom and finding her naked and beautiful body, Hinata attracts you with her full lips and long hair. Your eyes follow her curves, her breasts beg to be played with, her nipples want your tongue on them. Suck her hard nipples into your mouth and suck on them.Hinata has long black hair that makes her look sexy and mature. Her pure white eyes are mesmerizing and her full red lips look ready to kiss for hours. She loves to let her men explore her body, and Hinata can freeze a man with her cold, bright white pupils, and her body is a mixture of sexy curves and huge breasts.



4. 153CM Huge Breasts Celebrity Sex Dolls H3546

Kaysa is 60.24in (153cm) tall and weighs 74.96lbs (34kg), so if you are looking for a more traditional style, then I recommend this sex doll.Kaysa is a superwoman, beautiful and intelligent, defending humanity, and you are her earth boyfriend. In front of others, Kaysa is strong and reliable, but in front of you, she is a sexy and seductive woman. kaysa is willing to meet all your fantasies, you can not wait to strip her clothes...The two elastic breasts are full and upright, Kaysa's charming eyes are bewildered, and her seductive face is full of blush. The graceful body, the gracefulness between the hands and feet, the rounded buttocks under the thin waist, the rich and charming curves. With Kaysa, you can do whatever you want every night.



5. 166CM Small Breasts Realistic Sex Dolll H3506

Samantha is 65.35in (166cm) tall and weighs 83.78lbs (38kg).Samantha is an agile assassin who was hired to assassinate you, but accidentally fell in love with you. Samantha becomes your personal bodyguard, she has excellent hands, sharp resilience and high loyalty. The most important thing is that Samantha will fulfill your every wish and you can enjoy sex as much as you want every day...Samantha has an evil long silver hair, beautiful and enchanting face, a blood red mark on the eyebrow, adding a bit of mystery. The tight leather skirt and sexy net stockings match perfectly, showing off her hot body and curves! This is a body made for sex, she is waiting for you to conquer.


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