The difference between TPE and silicone HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


The difference between TPE and silicone

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  Hair Transplant Makeup Scent Ductility Oiling level Advantages Disadvantages
Silicone Silicone head is hard, which is a good material for hair and eyebrow implants, and the implanted hair is not easy to fall off Silicone facial makeup is sprayed on, so the makeup lasts longer. The smell of silicone is much lighter than TPE. Silicone is less malleable and less flexible, but its softness is closer to reality, for example, the hands and feet will be firm and the bust and hips will be soft. Silicone dolls produce less oil and are easier to clean. In contrast, silicone material is easier to clean, heat, stain and water resistant and does not require much maintenance. The most attractive thing is that silicone dolls have the most realistic vagina and anus. When you touch the silicone doll, you will feel it is very hard and the hips and breasts do not jiggle when you shake it. One of the biggest drawbacks for some people is the price of silicone dolls, which are much more expensive than tpe.
TPE The softness of tpe can cause the hair to fall out slowly, so hair transplantation is not recommended. tpe is dependent on the makeup artist to apply makeup on, with
With the oiling of the doll, plus not much care, the makeup will become lighter and lighter.
Compared to silicone, tpe will inevitably have a slight odor. However, if the smell is strong or makes people uncomfortable, then the material chosen is not hygienic. TPE has good malleability, but because it is too soft, the skin is easily damaged. Tpe is easy to oil, must be frequently powdered. The tpe is much softer than other materials and can hold multiple poses. Another advantage is that they are cheaper than silicone dolls and the material can be recycled. And it is hypoallergenic and will not cause any allergic reactions. The tpe material is very porous if you don't clean it properly, it's likely to get moldy! Due to the nature of tpe it is easy to get oil and may be sticky to the touch. It's hardly heat resistant, so watch the water temperature when bathing with your doll!


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