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The method of heating sex dolls

In sex, body warmth increases pleasure, and realizing this, many brands have various ways to heat sex dolls.


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1. Internal body heating system

This method is the easiest and best way to use and heat the body.The heating device is located inside the sex doll, similar to the way you charge a cell phone or computer, the difference is that the electrical energy is converted into heat.To use, insert one end of the interface into the port on the body of the doll, the other end is connected to the power supply, wait for about an hour and monitor the whole process.Note that the use must be disconnected, once the internal heating system is damaged, it is difficult to repair, you need to be careful maintenance.



2. Heating the dildo

Inserting it this way is cheaper and less expensive to maintain.It is inserted into the vagina or anus, but this heating method only heats the area, not the whole body.The advantage is that if the heating device is damaged, it will not affect the usability of the sex doll.



3. Heating blanket

You can use a heating blanket to heat sex dolls, but be careful, the temperature is too high and unevenly dispersed easy to damage the skin of the doll.



4. Warm water bath

This way mind keeping the heat for a few minutes and will not last long.In order for the sex doll to absorb the heat, it needs to be immersed in water, remember not to immerse the head and dry the doll thoroughly, otherwise it may lead to rust and mold, which will reduce the durability of the doll.


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