The story of a disabled customer and a sex doll HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


The story of a disabled customer and a sex doll

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Not only that, but people with disabilities can also consider themselves unattractive and they think no one would be interested in them.With the rapid popularity of sex dolls, they are like a rescue from heaven for people with disabilities. These dolls not only provide them with enjoyable sex, but also a gentle and submissive companion.A physical disability may make you feel like you'll never be able to enjoy sex, but with our help, this will no longer be a fantasy. A physical doll may not give you emotional feedback, but it's enough to satisfy your lust.

Some time ago, we were contacted by a client from Italy, a disabled boy named Mark. Mark said he was a cerebral palsy patient who, despite his physical disability, was able to enjoy pleasure and crave it.So, he found HANIDOLL through a friend's referral, which took a lot of courage. It took some time and we finally managed to help Mark find the sex doll he wanted.Now our doll has been with Mark for a while. Mark says he could barely live before that and hated to end himself early. But with the sex doll, he found hope to live. His family felt his cheerfulness and became optimistic, all thanks to the doll.


— END —