These things are bad for sex dolls! Come and see if you often do these things? HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


These things are bad for sex dolls! Come and see if you often do these things?

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1. Use oil-based lubricant

Oil-based lubricant is formed by adding various additives to mineral oil, synthetic hydrocarbon, animal and vegetable oil or their mixture as base oil. Oil-based lubricants have good lubrication effect, but the cooling effect is slightly worse, there are also flammable and environmental pollution disadvantages. Importantly, oil-based lubricants are not suitable for sex dolls, which can cause damage to sex dolls and leave stains. Therefore, please avoid the use of oil-based lubricants in daily life, we recommend that you buy the performance of the affinity of water-based lubricants.



2. Do not like to wash sex dolls

Humans need to bathe every day to keep clean and healthy, and so do sex dolls! Long time not to clean sex dolls, the doll's skin surface is easy to generate and accumulate many bacteria, microbes, these bacteria will not only damage the skin of sex dolls, but also lead to users infected with bacteria, inflammation, etc.. So sex dolls are very important to clean, it is recommended that each time after use to clean once, a long time without using the case also needs to be cleaned regularly, so you can also protect the life of sex dolls will be longer.



3. Storage space temperature is too extreme

Many people often make the mistake of ignoring whether the temperature of the space where the sex dolls are located is appropriate. Because of the special nature of the sex doll material, they can not be stored in an environment where the temperature is too high or too low, the temperature is too extreme may cause damage to the sex doll.



4. Ignore the details

There are also some details that are easy to ignore, such as cracks and stains on the body of the sex doll, wigs, nails, eyelashes off, etc., can breed big problems, which ultimately affect the life of the doll. As long as you are more careful, once the problem is found, timely remedial measures can be taken.


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