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TPE VS silicone sex dolls, which is better?

1. Advantages of Tpe

Compared to silicone, tpe (thermoplastic elastomer) is a mixture of rubber and plastic that can be repeatedly stretched and can be quickly restored to its original state. It is much softer than other materials, making it possible to maintain multiple poses.Another advantage of tpe sex dolls, is that they are cheaper than silicone dolls and the material can be recycled. And it is hypoallergenic and will not cause any allergic reactions.

2. Disadvantages of Tpe

Once you get a stain on your doll, it will be very difficult to clean.Tpe material is very porous, you need to clean the vagina and anus as much as possible. If you don't clean it properly, be aware that it will most likely get moldy!Due to the nature of tpe it is easy to get oily and may be sticky to the touch, but this problem can be easily solved with some baby powder. And it's hardly heat resistant, so watch the water temperature when bathing with your doll!



3. Advantages of silicone

In comparison, silicone material is easier to clean. Although it is more expensive, it is also more heat, stain and water resistant and does not require much maintenance. It is also hypoallergenic, just like tpe.Silicone dolls have the most realistic vagina and anus, which is appealing to most people.

4. Disadvantages of silicone

When you touch a silicone doll, you will feel that it is very hard, much harder than a tpe doll, and the hips and breasts do not jiggle when you shake them.Of course, one of the biggest disadvantages for most some people is the price of silicone dolls - it is much more expensive than tpe.You need to ask yourself how much you are willing to spend? Do you want to take a bath with the doll? Do you want a highly realistic vagina and anus?When you know exactly what you want, please don't hesitate to make a bold choice!


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