What do you need to prepare to buy sex dolls? HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


What do you need to prepare to buy sex dolls?

1. Diatom stick

Diatom rods are almost essential for raising sex dolls, the user hand a basic configuration, sex dolls underbody is a simulation of human scaly-like, easy to have moisture residue inside after cleaning, time will be moldy, not only will have a taste, but also bad for the body.Diatom stick can quickly absorb moisture, keep sex dolls underbody dry, can be used repeatedly.



2. Toner

Whether it is tpe sex dolls or silicone sex dolls have oil, the difference is tpe sex dolls out more oil, basically 1 to 2 days to play powder, and silicone sex dolls almost once a week on it. To sex dolls to play powder is to better feel, but also in order not to dirty sex dolls clothes, tpe sex dolls in clothes before the best to wear one-piece stockings, so that the sex dolls clothes are not so easy because of the oil is dirty, after all, not who can always take time out to play sex dolls.



3. Good absorbent towel

Sex dolls must be kept dry, or sex dolls are moldy. To sex dolls after bathing to dry moisture, some manufacturers will send sex dolls exclusive towels.



4. Bathing gel

Sex dolls are very easy to attach dust, to sex dolls bath can be the same as people with body wash, silicone sex dolls material stability, what you use sex dolls can be used, tpe sex dolls try to choose a milder body wash, to avoid acidic and alkaline substances hurt sex dolls. Add the less mineral oil sex dolls, the better acid and alkali resistance.



5. Hair care oil, massage comb

Playing with sex doll hair is a lot of users more headaches, comb can not, comb not smooth ...... in fact, are because the tools are not in place, sex doll hair can be a long time to wash once, mainly dust, usually to the sex doll comb can drop a few drops of hair care oil and then a massage comb comb can be opened, ordinary combs may not comb, massage comb Can be a second smooth. If the sex doll is a wig, to sex dolls can use conditioner when washing hair, and then blow dry, comb not smooth with a massage comb can be.



6. Dustproof stockings

Tpe sex dolls must use dust stockings! And it is best not to wear dark clothes, because it is too easy to color! Silicone sex dolls have a lot less restrictions on the choice of clothes, as long as the clothes do not lose color, you can wear.



7. Shoes and socks

To sex dolls wear shoes and socks is to avoid bumping and injuring sex dolls, if there are nails standing wa, before wearing socks, it is best to pad a pair of insoles, and then put on socks, can protect the shoes and the floor. And there are nails standing sex dolls can not stand too long, hurt feet. Now on the market silicone sex dolls are generally nail-free standing, not only good-looking, but also extend the life of the sex dolls.



8. Repairing agent

Manufacturers generally send some repair agent, silicone sex dolls are generally sent AB glue, which is the raw material for sex dolls, repair time AB glue 1:1 mix, coated in the broken place and so on a few hours to recover, silicone sex dolls can be repaired at room temperature, tpe sex dolls repair may have to use a hot towel or hair dryer to heat the broken surface and then repair, relatively speaking, more work.



9. Olive oil

If the sex doll is stained, you can use olive oil to apply dilution, heavy staining can not be completely removed, so give sex dolls to wear clothes before, be sure to wash more times to make sure it will not fade before wearing.



10. Sofa storage box

Many users are worried about buying sex dolls no place to hide the problem, in fact, can be very perfect solution, hanidoll has a special storage sex dolls sofa box, from the appearance of the ordinary sofa, which is empty, you can put the sex dolls down, the perfect solution to the collection problem. If it is tpe sex dolls remember to take out more ventilation, long-term smothered in the smell is heavy, silicone sex dolls should also be taken out from time to time to change the pose, long-term to maintain a pose, easy to indentation.


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