What is tpe?

Advantages of TPE.

  • It feels most like human skin to the touch.

  • It is elastic and allows for realistic shaking of sex dolls.

  • TPE is warm to the touch.

  • TPE is one of the most widely used materials for sex toys.

  • TPE is easily used for injection molding to create lifelike sex doll parts, such as labia.

  • TPE has no strong chemical odor and is not harmful to humans.

  • TPE is usually much cheaper than silicone.



Disadvantages of TPE.

  • TPE will disintegrate after long-term wear and tear.

  • TPE stains easily, especially when colored clothing comes in contact with it.

  • TPE is porous and tends to absorb oil, dirt and bacteria in microscopic pores. Therefore, TPE sex dolls must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid staining and bacterial build-up.

  • TPE should be powdered regularly to maintain its skin-like feel.

  • TPE will deform, melt and warp under high temperature.


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