What to do with sex dolls when moving? HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


What to do with sex dolls when moving?

For various reasons, you will inevitably have to move. So what do you need to pay attention to when moving with a sex doll?

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1. Packaging should be tight

The best way is to use the packaging that came with the sex dolls when they were first purchased. Because sex dolls merchants are experienced, they will sex dolls carefully packaged in layers to avoid damage to sex dolls in transit. And you may have difficulty finding a cardboard box that matches the size of the sex doll, if you keep the cardboard box, then it will be relatively convenient.Of course, with a cardboard box, you also need to pad the inside of the box with foam, using towels and the like to wrap the sex dolls. Remember, the packaging must be tight!

2. Pay attention to the staining problem

Because the skin of the sex dolls will be oil, once the clothes lose color contact with the skin, it will stain and become dirty, very affect the beauty. So in the packaging, you also need to pay attention to whether the towel wrapped sex dolls, clothing, etc. lose color. It is recommended to choose a white towel.

3. It is better to transport the sex doll by yourself

If you don't want the moving company's employees to know that you have a sex doll, then you can transport it yourself by car. Because inevitably, when moving, the moving company employees will ask what is in the package.