What you need to know about the heating function? HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


What you need to know about the heating function?

1. Uneven temperature distribution?

The heating principle is to wrap the electric wire around the sex doll's entire body skeleton,so the temperature depends on the distance between each body part and the bone.For example, thicker parts such as the chest and buttocks will be cooler and heated relatively slowly, while locations such as the arms will be warmer and heated more quickly.

2. The temperature is too high tpe will melt?

General manufacturers will install the temperature protection function, which means that when heated to a certain temperature, the equipment will automatically cut off the power supply, the electric heating wire no longer continue to generate heat.When heated to a certain temperature, not automatically cut off the power, but to maintain a constant temperature of heating.In this case, even if the temperature is not high, a long time sex doll may also be burned.If the device is damaged, or if the manufacturer does not provide the device, do not heat it for more than 1 hour, otherwise the TPE may melt or even spontaneously combust.

3.  Heating function will shorten the life of sex dolls?

Tpe has poor temperature stability and if heated too much, the interior will start to deteriorate,thus shortening its life.Although there is nothing unusual on the surface, the inside may be changing quietly.


4. How to use?

Heat first, then use.Heating for about 1 hour, keep the sex doll lying flat,hands and feet straight can not be too close to the body.When you feel the temperature is warm enough, please power off the heater.Be sure to power off the heater before useing of sex dolls!

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