You deserve to have HANIDOLL handmade resin eyeballs! HANIDOLL HANIDOLL


You deserve to have HANIDOLL handmade resin eyeballs!

The color of the iris in a person's eyes varies, and the color of the pupil looks different. In order to change the color of the eyes, modern people often choose to wear colored contact lenses.



For sex dolls, the method of wearing contact lenses is not feasible, but you can just replace the eyeball! HANIDOLL now sells beautiful 3D resin eyeballs, each eyeball is purely handmade and unique. You can customize your private eyeball according to your needs, the quality is much higher than the mechanical production of eyeballs.



Our staff is handy and skillful, she first filled with white soft pottery, then pressed with a pill stick to make the curvature, then carved out the eye pattern with a carving knife, then colored, dripped into the uv glue, and finally illuminated. Need to pay attention to the air bubbles, you can pick out or poke the air bubbles.



Different styles of eyeballs can give you different feelings, and the sex dolls will have a different aesthetic, more evocative, realistic, and maybe even give you a better experience! The good news is that if you buy HANIDOLL sex dolls now, we will give you a pair of beautiful 3D resin eyeballs!


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