Shopping Tips

  • For the "IN STOCK" option on the product page, it means the product has inventory. "US stock" and "EU stock" are shipped from local warehouses. For example, if your shipping address is in the US, please choose "US stock". If you are not in the US or Europe, please choose "other countries".
    Contingency plans:
    1) If the order is wrong, we will actively contact you to place a new order or pay the difference.
    2) If the product inventory is insufficient to meet the shipping conditions, we will actively contact you to extend the shipping time.
    3) Products such as "other countries" or not marked as "in stock". Where items are produced and shipped from China, no refunds can be made once production has started. If an order needs to be cancelled, please notify us by email within 12 hours of payment and we will cancel production and issue you a refund. We also offer a personalised service, please visit
  • For the "MATERIAL" option on the product page, the product has different materials to choose from, such as "Silicone head", "TPE head", "XXXcm TPE" or "XXXcm silica gel".
    For example, if the product options show "Silicone head" and "TPE head", it means the product has different head materials to choose from according to your preference. Some products only have a silicone head. If there are material options, it means there are different body materials to choose from, such as the H3440 sex doll which only has a silicone head, but the body can be all silicone or TPE.
  • For the product page "PARAMETERS" description, Hanidoll adheres to the "customer first" principle and provides very detailed material and size descriptions for all products for customer reference. However, as sex dolls are handicrafts, the speed of optimization and iteration far exceeds the speed of information maintenance, so there may be occasional lack of rigor in product information.
    Contingency plans:
    1) When there is a significant difference in weight, the package weight is usually lighter than the value specified in the PARAMETERS. This is the result of product iteration and weight reduction. If the weight increases, it is usually because the product packaging has been updated to use heavier outer packaging to reduce damage during transportation. The above situations are normal phenomena after optimization.
    2) When there are significant differences in dimensions, most cases are due to measurement errors. Very few are due to adjustments in product updates (this is a duty to inform, we will usually inform customers before shipment) 3) Significant differences in the contents of Free gifts and actual delivery are often due to different customs policies in each country that may restrict the content of gifts from being included in the package, such as lubricants. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that Free gifts will be sent one by one as described.